HowTo Install and Run MageBehat on Magento

Posted by Falk Opitz | Posted in Magento, Magento Module | Posted on 07-01-2014

I am not sure if this is really correct and complete! Maybe there is a better way?! Feel free to write a comment. 😉

1.) Check out your Magento Project

2.) Download Selenium IDE and install it in Firefox (restart required) => apparently you didn`t need Selenium IDE => you REALLY didn`t need Selinium IDE

3.) Download Selenium Server and start it with „java -jar selenium-server-standalone-[VERSION].jar

4.) Download composer.phar into your Magento root directory

5.) Create composer.json in your Magento root directory

6.) Run „php composer.phar install“ (takes a while, should install different packages – something like „magetest“, „“symfony/finder“, „behat/gherkin“, …)

7.) Download & Install MageBehat – Maybe you want to Download & Install MageBehatExamples?

8.) Run „php -f shell/behat.php“ to test your Magento Store

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